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s/v YOLO splashed in Guaymas, Mexico in December of 2014. After another 2 months of hard work at Marina Real in San Carlos, the crew made their first Sea of Cortez crossing over to the Baja. Since then, YOLO has checked out many anchorages going south to La Paz, BCS, crossed back over the Sea to Mazatlan and has worked their way as far south as Barra de Navidad, approximately 130 miles south of Puerto Vallarta. We wrapped up our first season by crossing the Sea of Cortez again, slowly working our way back up the inside of the Baja and then crossing the Sea AGAIN to haul out in Guaymas, Sonora, MX for the rest of the year.


Our second season began in January 2016 with a 5 day passage (our longest nonstop, so far) to La Cruz. From there, we have been slowly working our way down Mexico’s Pacific coast, with some great stops such as: Chamela, Barra de Navidad, Santiago, Zihuatanejo, Acapulco, and Huatulco.

At the time of this writing (March 21, 2016) we are in a slip in Marina Chahue, waiting for our weather window to cross the dreaded Tehuantepec with notoriously strong winds and huge seas. Once we get across, we will make our very LAST stop in Chiapas, Mexico to check out of the country. Once checked out, we will beeline it for Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. We hope to do some inland travel in the area before continuing further south. Our other planned ports of call include Costa Rica and Panama. The short term plan is to transit the canal and then wait out hurricane season in Panama. Come November 2016, we will push south to Cuba, Florida and then jump down to the Bahamas.

***All these plans are just that, PLANS.  They could change at any minute. We may decide to become Mexican citizens. Court might start a luxury property rental company in San Carlos. I might be recruited as a pilot for Carlos Slim? Presley may become a child-star on a Mexican sitcom. Colter might do scooter stunts for a travelling circus. Who knows???

13 thoughts on “Voyage Plan*

  1. Joan Parker

    We are ultra jealous of you guys and have “thought” of doing this numerous times. We need to quit thinking so much and just do it!!!! We love you all so much!! Very excited for this journey!!

    1. Courtney Courtney

      Thanks Aunt Joan! We are so excited that you are excited for us! It is nice to get some positive feedback! We could be buddy boats if y’all start boat shopping now and then we can begin the journey together! 😉

      1. Joan

        We are thinking really seriously!! Trev has the globe out!! lol. Going to look at craigslist tonight for boats and jet skis.

  2. Heather

    I can’t be more excited for your family if I tried!! I am so proud of the way you have positioned yourselves to make your vision come to pass. You guys have taken calculated steps to make a safe transition from the land locked American standard of living to living YOUR dream not the AMERICAN dream.
    “You only live once” can sometimes be thought of as a careless statement but it is actually a very sobering truth. I can’t tell you how many patients I see in the ICU that are in their 60’s (+) and have “just retired” and now are dealing with aging issues as the retirement they looked forward to for the last 30 years passes them by.
    Anyway, long winded way of saying, WAY TO GO! We’re praying for you and rooting for you all the way!

    1. Matt

      Hey Sister Heather!
      We are so stoked that you are stoked! We need the positive reinforcement from time to time remind ourselves that we really are doing this. We are also very excited for your pending life change and relo to COLO this summer! Most excellent. Keep those comments coming. We are hours away from the final word on the Mexico boat!

  3. Wendi

    Your voyage sounds inctredible and you are amazing people! My husband and I bought a 35′ Chris Craft Caribbean in December 2014, the Kealoha, and are getting ready for our maiden voyage from S.F. to Shelter Cove, Ca. On july 18!! Next year we are planning a trip to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and then?? I love your website and am grateful for the inspiration! Much Aloha.

  4. Daniel

    It’s amazing how similar our paths and backgrounds are. We have a 44′ Brewer we sailed from L.A. to Chiapas, and we too plan to meander to Florida by way of the Panama Canal. I’m not in aviation, but I did graduate from Embry-Riddle and have a lot of pilot friends in Phoenix. My cousin and I are partners on the boat and we bring my wife and 2 year old son on some of our voyages. We plan to sail to Bahia del Sol sometime in the next month or 2. From there, it would be awesome if we could sync up with Yolo, even if only for the next passage or 2. When do you plan to cast off from El Sal, and which port will you land in next?
    -Daniel 714.225.8432


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