Agua Verde – Where the water is green and the beer is cold.

One word – EPIC. Of all our little anchorages along the way, Agua Verde is a real gem. Ironically, this was our first ever anchorage to drop our MANTUS anchor, way back in February. However, the spot we had chosen the first time around was insanely rolly, due to a lack of the Captain and crew’s experience.

But 5 months later, we read the charts, read the weather, analyzed the motion of the ocean and dropped it like its’ HOT. The perfect anchorage. Terrapin strutted in right after us and we pretty much took over the place. Hikes, cheap dinners at the ONLY restaurant in town, cold beers and Coca-Cola’s at the only convenience store in town (we called it Costco), beach games, ancient cemetery exploring, surfing behind dinghies, rooster vs turkey fights, and much much more! It took us four days to finally up anchor. That, my friend, is a sign of a great anchorage!


The trail to the SPOOKY cemetery.

The trail to the SPOOKY cemetery.


The rock finger (right center in this photo) makes this a very comfortable anchorage in most any wind condition because it prevents any wave buildup from entering into the little bay.


That is where we landed the dinks for some exploring. Pretty high up, eh?


Main Street – Agua Verde . Sidewalks? Not so much.



Paying it FORWARD!

We had a really nice afternoon back at San Evaristo, light(er) winds and a glassy anchorage. I got to put my improving¬†mechanics skills to use when a call came over the VHF. A cruising couple was stranded on their boat. They couldn’t get the engine started and they thought the batteries might be dead. Being the guy that I am, I said “honey, grab me some bailing twine, duct tape, and¬†a voltmeter!” I made my way aboard their Islander 36 and proceeded to get dirty. We removed the companionway to access the engine and battery compartment. This engine room would not be winning any “Captain Clean” awards anytime soon. To make matters worse, the battery box was half full with water. Even the average Joe would think, “hmmm…battery (electricity) floating in water…prolly not a good thing here Odell!” Mr. Stranded told me that his water pump was leaking. It just happens that it sits directly above the battery box. No bueno. I put the voltmeter on the battery and it was actually just fine…full charge at about 12.6 volts. Upon closer inspection, the battery terminals were highly corroded due to the drip-drop of the salty water. I removed both cable terminals, pulled the battery out of the box, dried out the box, cleaned the posts, and the terminals. After the battery was re-secured in the battery box, I reconnected the cables and told him to fire it up. Like magic, we had a running engine. The No-Longer-Stranded couple was quite impressed with my mad skills and attempted to reward me with a fist full of cash. I told them to put it away and grab me a brewski! I also advised that they fashion a little water diverter below the leaky water pump until they could get that repaired. This is one of the things that sold me on the cruising community. People are always willing to help a fellow cruiser out, and I was finally able to return the favor.

We rousted up the next morning and headed north for the next anchoring hot spot – Los Gatos. We had a good sail with just enough wind to keep the boat moving. After setting the hook, it got windy and choppy and more windy. Terrapin, who arrived the day before, had organized a little beach outing, complete with fun and games. Unfortunately, the wave action was just too sporty to drop the dink and go to shore. We ended up having a movie-thon aboard. The kiddos didn’t really seem to mind.

Come morning, CoCo was determined to get off the ship. Fortunately the conditions were such that we could do it, no problemo. We had some amazing hikes through the red dirt, sand and rocks of Los Gatos. Much of it was strangely reminiscent of Sedona, AZ. After completion of our exercise, we made ready and headed for Agua Verde!

IMG_1273 IMG_1279 IMG_1288 IMG_1289 IMG_1292 IMG_1294

This was our ridge-line trail. Notice the cross at the end of the trail and YOLO anchored in the distance.

This was our ridge-line trail. Notice the cross at the end of the trail and YOLO anchored in the distance.

IMG_1298 IMG_1314


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