Where the heck is YOLO? Part 1 of 2

Hellllooooo All! Yes, we are still alive. Yes, we are still aboard YOLO. Yes, we are still blogging. Just not very much. No excuses other than we are just having too much fun to sit down and type away on the laptop.


We had a great summer, fall and winter in Colorado with visits to Lake Powell, California, Texas, Mexico, and Arizona. During this time we were able to see the entire Davis and Edelman sides of the family, cousins included. The kids were able to complete a full semester of “normal” school in my hometown of Montrose, Colorado. It was rather surreal to have them attending classes in the same town I grew up. Court and I also were fortunate to coach both kids soccer teams. For the record, my team (with Presley) only suffered one loss! Court’s team was not quite as successful! Thanksgiving was spent at my bro’s new house in Orange County, Cali and we were even able to make a quick visit to our cruising friends/buddy boat s/v Makai at their cabin in Angelus Oaks. All the travel was a nice break from the boat but come December we were really starting to miss YOLO. Christmas back at Coco’s parent’s house in Scottsdale was fantabulous, with many visits from family and friends. The kids made out like bandits and we sit a little lower in the water on YOLO with all the goodies loaded aboard.










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One thought on “Where the heck is YOLO? Part 1 of 2

  1. Mary Strasser

    Wow! quite a year. Love those Colorado pics. Bittersweet, Kachina has a new owner as of January, 2016. She is still in the sea, watch for her. We are buying a 21 Ft. travel trailer and heading to Alaska this summer, and Baja next winter. We are closing on a home in near Westcliffe, CO this month. As Ken says, “we are living on borrowed time, and need to make the most of it”
    Best wishes to you, still enjoy your posts. The kids are really growing!
    Mary and Ken


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