Loreto My Eggo

We did some extensive touring in the Loreto Area. The mission and museum in town were very educational. We also ventured inland to visit the San Javier Mission. It was even more spectacular, considering the remoteness of the location. To spare you with inaccurate facts and figures, here is a link to Wikipedia, if you are so inclined- click HERE.


They don’t make ’em like they used to! Built 1744


This tree was planted in the early 1600’s!


s/v Enough kids with Pres and Colter

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Court and I were also able to leave the kids with s/v Makai and hike the Steinbeck Canyon. It was absolutely amazing. You start out in a barren desert and quickly enter a tropical paradise complete with a crystal clear flowing river, large pools of water, and palm trees galore. The hike gets a little challenging about halfway up, as you have to find a “hidden” rope that you use to get up and over a tall vertical wall. The canyon opens up again to more gloriousness.

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