Isla Carmen – Salty Yet Fun.

We did a quick 3 day trip out to Isla Carmen from Escondido. Carmen is spectacular with many cool anchorages, an abandoned salt mine, and a sunken shrimp boat in the middle of one bay. One particular anchorage afforded us our second best day of snorkeling with beautiful water clarity and abundant sea life.

The following photos are of Bahia Salinas and the salt mine operation. This place was in operation until the early 80’s. We were able to walk freely around the area after checking in with a caretaker who tends to a Big Horn Sheep Hunting Lodge that is also in the vicinity.

In one of the many dilapidated buildings, I entered into a musty, office-looking room with scattered folders and papers all over the floor. I picked up one of them and started perusing. In case you don’t know, Mexican’s love paperwork. This particular folder was for an employee, dated 1981. In one section was a vacation request. This poor guy had to go to SIX of his superiors to get signed approval for his annual vacation. No, it wasn’t one piece of paper with 6 lines and boxes, for each boss to sign. It was 6 SEPARATE pages. Yes, he had to write his name, employee number, job description, week requested, and each name of his other superiors on each page. Some of you might be thinking, well sure, this was before the age of computers and electronic databases. Rest assured, the last time I checked in with a Port Captain the following copies were made: 4 of my Passport, 5 of the USCG Vessel Documentation, and 3 copies of the required form I filled out. Anyone venture a guess where all this paper ends up? Maybe it’s back here at the old Salinas Salt Mine.



The bad student’s desk?


Look closely at this wall.


Little church, completely restored.


Walking on salt water.

IMG_1452 (2)

Throwin’ Gangsta Signs and possibly Jazz Hands.


Smuggled this off the island for Colter’s Christmas present.


Sign of the Times. Pun intended.


Cornerstone of main building.


Mechanic Shop


Lost in translation.


Old mine rail cart. Someone would pay big $$ for this feature in their front yard in Scottsdale, AZ. But we just didn’t have room on the deck of YOLO.


New amp for MT Sounds?

IMG_1444 IMG_1442 IMG_1441 IMG_1438 IMG_1436 IMG_1434 IMG_1430 IMG_1429 IMG_1428 IMG_1427 IMG_1455


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