Agua Verde – Where the water is green and the beer is cold.

One word – EPIC. Of all our little anchorages along the way, Agua Verde is a real gem. Ironically, this was our first ever anchorage to drop our MANTUS anchor, way back in February. However, the spot we had chosen the first time around was insanely rolly, due to a lack of the Captain and crew’s experience.

But 5 months later, we read the charts, read the weather, analyzed the motion of the ocean and dropped it like its’ HOT. The perfect anchorage. Terrapin strutted in right after us and we pretty much took over the place. Hikes, cheap dinners at the ONLY restaurant in town, cold beers and Coca-Cola’s at the only convenience store in town (we called it Costco), beach games, ancient cemetery exploring, surfing behind dinghies, rooster vs turkey fights, and much much more! It took us four days to finally up anchor. That, my friend, is a sign of a great anchorage!


The trail to the SPOOKY cemetery.

The trail to the SPOOKY cemetery.


The rock finger (right center in this photo) makes this a very comfortable anchorage in most any wind condition because it prevents any wave buildup from entering into the little bay.


That is where we landed the dinks for some exploring. Pretty high up, eh?


Main Street – Agua Verde . Sidewalks? Not so much.



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2 thoughts on “Agua Verde – Where the water is green and the beer is cold.

  1. Mary Strasser

    Recognize that anchor spot! We’ve had the good luck to be there early enough to get it also. What happened to the second tienda? Hope we’ll see you guys in the sea this Nov-dec. bet the kids have grown and you are all seasoned sailors!

  2. behan - sv totem

    Beautiful photos of one of our favorite places in the SOC- thank you! I don’t think there was a restaurant there during our last visit, which was- WOW, seven years ago now. Holy moley. I remember great critters from snorkeling around the pinnacle, too, and the yummy goat cheese from the village… listening to the tinkle of bells on the goats as the navigated impossible-looking trails on the hillside. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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