You say San Blas. I say jejenes.

Welcome to the land of San Blas/Mantenchen Bay. Pretty, jungley, and buggy. This is the land of jejenes a.k.a. NO-SEE-UMS. You don’t see them but you feel them and then you have horrible welts and itch for days after. Kinda like after that bachelor party in Bangkok.

But insects aside, we had a great stay in San Blas. Eric (from Makai) and I had a rad surf session at the mouth of an estuary. We got to take a jungle tour on a private panga up to a freshwater swimming hole, sectioned off by chain link fence to keep the gators out. No, we did not tell the kids that little tidbit before jumping in. But maybe Presley was the wiser, as viewed in the video below!

IMG_0010 IMG_0017 IMG_0019IMG_0048

Also had there famous pan de platano. Also known as banana bread. It was good but Court’s is mucho mejor.


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