Month: March 2015

Here Today…Gone Tomorrow


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” –Dr. Seuss

I’ve always thought life is something of a dream.  There is a great force that brings us all together here on this planet, at this moment in time.  This force has many names God, Allah, Buddha, Love or maybe it’s not a force.  Maybe we just exist. Whatever your beliefs are on the subject, one thing is for sure; life as we know it has a beginning and an end.  We all know that we could wake up one morning, and it could be our last.  But when we wake up the next morning, and then the next, we soon forget the gravity of that actual reality.  It’s too easy to go through the paces of life and leave unfinished business for tomorrow.


After a day like any other, Matt and I came home and found our best friend had left us forever.  Upon entering our boat, we saw her lying on the floor.  At first we thought she was sleeping.  It took us a full hour to accept the inevitable, Zoe, our family doggie and first mate, was gone.  We think she died of a stroke.  It was sudden and unpredicted.  Her death was a complete smack across the face with the realization that today could be it.


I began to ponder life, as we all do when confronted with death.  I like to profess that Matt and I live our lives fully each and every day.  But is that really true?  I think every once in a while we all need to check in with ourselves and ask, “Are we really living each moment; savoring it?”  “Have we accomplished our wildest dreams?”  We need to seize life and savor it now.  Why walk into another tomorrow without arms wide open, embracing it?


That’s how Zoe lived her life.  She treated every walk like Christmas morning, every greeting was pure bliss.  Life was joyful, beautiful and her affection was endless.  She was open-hearted, never jaded, and always forgiving.  Matt and I know she’ll be with us every step of our adventure; her little ears blowing in the ocean breeze, tongue out… slobber flying.  We hung her collar from YOLO’s ship clock and every time it clangs we’ll think of her and I’ll check in with myself.  Am I living my dream today?  I really hope the answer remains yes.


Zoe Elizabeth Davis


Thank you for taking us on so many walks.  You are loved.

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