Passage notes – La Cruz to Chamela to Paraiso

s/v YOLO got underway on Sunday at 4:00pm for Bahia Chamela, a distance of about 100 miles. We set full canvas with winds at 7-8 knots out of the NW. Shortly thereafter, things got exciting. Sustained winds of 33 knots piped up, seemingly out of “nowhere”. This is the most wind we have been in and I think we handled it quite well. After letting the mainsheet out quite a bit to spill the wind force, we furled the 150% genny by a few turns. YOLO found a comfortable gallop of about 6.5 knots with a nice heel to port. Upon reflecting on the cause of the sudden wind change out of “nowhere”, I realized that we had been in the shadow of Punta De Mita and only after clearing that land mass did the winds increase to what we experienced.

As we progressed southwesterly across Banderas Bay, the winds slowly eased. While enjoying a tasty salad in the cockpit, we had another moment of excitement. We heard/felt a good bump on the bow and then about 6 seconds later, one on the stern, with a slight lifting action of the entire boat. My first thought was we had just been hit by a whale. But now, with all focus on the waters behind us, we saw the culprit. A GIANT tree. We literally ran over a tree (roots and all) in the ocean. We failed to get pictures, as Court and I were in the cabin down below, conducting a damage report. Fortunately, other than scraping a bit of bottom paint off the bow, s/v YOLO was still a seaworthy vessel. It was fortunate that we were still sailing at this point, with the motor off and prop not spinning. Furthermore, had we been in a sailboat without a skeg-hung rudder, the outcome could have also been quite different. All part of the ADVENTURE!

Nearing Cabo Corrientes at sunset, with light and variable winds, we fired up the motor. Other than a fairly large swell and strong northwesterly currents, the overnight passage was uneventful. This is how we like a night passage to go…uneventful.

We pulled into Bahia Chamela, Perula anchorage, at 11:15am and dropped anchor. We had a lazy day on the boat, as the surf break was too daunting to attempt with the dinghy. I took the kids for a swim around the boat and practiced our snorkeling.

On Tuesday morning, we hoisted the anchor and proceeded 8 miles south to Paraiso. We skirted around some scenic coastal islands in Bahia Chamela and quickly entered the next bay where our destination lay.


Here in Paraiso, we have our own private beach. It is complete with snorkeling, hiking, hermit crabs, a tarantula that loves to watch us play, and a grove of palm trees for hanging the hammock and great shade. The name is, as advertised, PARADISE, albeit with a side of ROLL…as in super ROLLY anchorage.


We are anticipating the arrival of our buddy boat s/v Terrapin, this afternoon. We will spend one more night before heading south to Tenacatita.

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