La Cruz- Kid Mecca!

So we’ve figured out where the other live aboard kids reside!  La Cruz was a dream come true for Presley who’s been begging for social interaction since we moved aboard.  There have been a handful of kids met along our voyage south from San Carlos, but we are all going in different directions, so it’s been short lived.  We met a our first set of live aboard families in Nuevo Vallarta and roughly a dozen more families when we moved over to La Cruz (about a 2 hour sail from Paradise Village). Our stay in La Cruz consisted of lots of kiddie play dates, a beach bonfire, and our annual get together with the Bumfuzzles.


Our first day in La Cruz we headed to Sayulitas with s/v Terrapin.  The kids loved the chocolate  bananas they are famous for.


La Cruz offers a “silks” class for 40 pesos per child or roughly $6 for both kids to attend.  The kids climb these silk ropes and we went and had a drink at a nearby bar….win/win.


Movie night aboard YOLO.




There was a beach bonfire for the kids one night that included lots of ‘smores, pizza, and the releasing of Chinese lanterns.


The kids also created their own musical instruments and provided music for the evening.

We were also able to meet up with our awesome friends the Bumfuzzles!  It’s become a bit of an annual get together at somewhere random in Mexico.  First Mazatlan, this year La Cruz. The kids loved seeing each other again.


Really hoping this leaf is not poisonous (apologize for the blurriness of these photos…I had had a couple of X-Large Margs by this point).


Presley takes a digger or she’s just crawling on the ground…either way, she’s entertained.


Notice Ouest’s shoe/blowout here…I’m starting to see a pattern.


Lots of love.


By some miracle, no one was hurt for the duration of the dinner.


s/v Terrapin, s/v YOLO and r/v Bumfuzzle (+Gramma Linda & Bridgette the dog) represent!



We found this gem in a dirt lot if you can believe it.  Papa Gil, it’s your next boat.

We loved meeting other live aboard families and I have a sneaking suspicion this will not be our last visit to La Cruz.

*** Unfortunately we were unable to write a blog about our month long stay at Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta because all our pictures were on our camera that went swimming!  We hope to post a blog on our visit with the grandparents once we are able to retrieve those pictures.IMG_2308

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One thought on “La Cruz- Kid Mecca!

  1. Mary Strasser

    And the saga continues. I knew you’d find some kid boats, just what you needed. Looks like a great time for all. Now where?


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