Month: February 2015

CoCo’s Top 10 Pink Items

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

Alot has changed since moving aboard YOLO!  I’ve never been one to blow you know what, you know where, so I’ll admit, it’s been challenging.  It’s taken 2 months to get the boat sea worthy and to adjust to living aboard a floating home.   To help those of you preparing to move aboard (or those of you who are interested in some cool shit), here are my top 10 items (plus 2 bonus) that I couldn’t have lived without: 

1. Waffle Weave Towels

These puppies dry fast.  Great for days at the lake or beach, summer swimming and boat living.

2. Bar Keeper’s Friend (props to s/v Kachina)

 This works on fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, ceramic cook-tops, copper, tile and brass.  Basically cleans everything off anything!

3. Little Clean Vacuum (thank you s/v Del Viento)

Use this sucker (pun intended) as a vacuum for all things nasty.  We use this to vacuum our salon cushions and other jobs inside.

4. Boat Galley Cookbook

 Spoiler alert…I’m giving this as a Christmas gift to everyone in my family.  I know, I know…who needs another cook book?!  This one gives alternative ingredients in case you are missing some, has simple recipes with very few ingredients, and has every recipe you can think of.

5. Totally Awesome Cleaner (Shout out to s/v Meridien)

This is great for headliners.  It works as good as bleach, but without the worry of ruining things while using it.

6. Camp Toaster

 Because most boats do not have the capabilities/ability to use a toaster.  This allow you to make toast/bagels/waffles etc…  This is also great for camping.

7. Correlle Dishware

I’m not really big on plastic because of it’s questionable safety in the microwave and freezer.  These dishes are “unbreakable” without the concerns that come along with plastic.

8. BPA Free Nalgene Bottle

We each have our OWN bottles. This cuts down on multiple glasses being used during the day. In a pinch, also works great as a tequila storage device.

9. Dish Drying Mat

Fits awesome on our galley counter. Washes easy and dries quickly on our lifelines.

10. Magnetic Knife Holder

A great way to use up some otherwise unused wall space. Also seems to keep the knives from rusting

11. Green Scouring Pads

We have found numerous uses for these, particularly on stubborn rust stains on our fiberglass.

12. Wet/Dry Shop Vac

We ended up overpaying for a different Shop Vac in Guaymas to deep clean our water tanks, but have been told this one is the best. It has also proven valuable for many other cleaning projects: cockpit, bilge, bird nest in boom, engine room sound proofing removal, and sand on the decks.

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