We’re In a Hurry and Don’t Know Why!

Ok, so maybe we do know why…two sets of Grandparents meeting us in Puerto Vallarta with flights and hotels booked!  Two weeks is what it took us to cross the Sea of Cortez…not once, but twice, and go from San Carlos to our final destination of Puerto Vallarta visiting Loreto (Puerto Escondido), Bahia Agua Verde, Bahia San Francisco, La Paz, Puerto Ballandra, and Mazatlan!  It’s not about the destination though, it’s about the journey.  So here are some of our favorite sights from Puerto Ballandra to Puerto Vallarta.


Passing one of these oil tankers really makes you feel small.20150211_085831

This ferry takes people, cars (and the Bumfuzzles) from La Paz to Mazatlan.  We passed it leaving Puerto Ballandra.


While crossing the Sea the second time, this guy (and a few of his siblings) jumped into our boat in the middle of the night.  We did not find them until the morning and a couple of them had secreted a stinky black substance that was not easy to clean off.  They have two giant eyes, one on each side of their head.



The kids stayed busy on our 48 hour passage from Puerto Ballandra to Mazatlan by playing cards in the cockpit.


Where does the sky end and the water begin?  This sunset inspired us to keep going.  We were going to stop in Muertos, but saw this sunset and didn’t want to stop. So we decided to keep sailing for another two days on our way to Mazatlan.  We were lucky we did.  We had lightning all night on our final night sailing in, and escaped a two day storm by three hours.  Sometimes you just have to listen…


We passed hundreds of sea turtles on the way from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta.  Matt and I deemed it the turtle highway.  I assume they were all headed for one beach to lay eggs.  I decided I wanted a close up of a sea turtle, so Matt turned the boat to get as close as possible.  As we got closer to the turtle, I captured this photo and then I think we may have given him a heart attach, because he began to slap frantically at the water.



As soon as we pulled into Paradise Village Marina in P.V., we had to do our own jungle tour aboard our dinghy “Fast Blast” (named by the children…I know it’s awful).  This guy was just hangin’ out.


The children have been on their best behavior now that the Grandparents are in town.

Needless to say, we missed a lot along the way.  We’ll spend two more weeks here, before we do an about face and head back into the Sea of Cortez.

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4 thoughts on “We’re In a Hurry and Don’t Know Why!

    1. Mark and Connie

      With those squid for bait you could’ve caught a nice dinner. That black substance eventually fades to gray if left in the sun long enough ie. a couple months, but best to get it off ASAP. Hope to see you next week as we are arriving on Thursday. Ready to R&R at Paradise Village pool.

  1. Mary Strasser

    Good on you! You made it! Hopefully, you can now slow down and really enjoy what you are experiencing. BTW, if you come across Sharen and Bryan MacGregor, and dog Jack on the boat Music, stop to tell them hello for us. We are going whale watching in the lagoons tomorrow on the Pacific side, a day tour. Then it’s back to San Carlos till next year. We’ ll be watching for you on the Internet in the meantime


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