Shakedown Cruise


YOLO has officially passed her shakedown cruise without sinking!  All crew members aboard are alive and still speaking to one another, and YOLO is safely docked at Marina Real.  The day began with a barely ready boat and no graphics on the transom.  The marina workers, who were running the machine that place the boats in the water, had partied all night at the annual Fiesta de Navidad… so needless to say, they weren’t on their “A” game.  Francisco quickly put our graphics on the transom so YOLO was officially legal, and they placed her in the water (with more effort than normal).  We had hired Francisco to captain the boat, in case we had any major issues, which ended up being the case.  Within one hour of leaving the dock, the engine temperature alarm sounded.  I was in a panic thinking we may have to return to Marina Guaymas (my own personal hell), the dry storage marina we had just come from. I decided I’d rather sink.  We proceeded to do a cautionary shut down of the engine to trouble shoot the problem.  Matt and Francisco got to work down in the engine room, and quickly discovered we were out of anti-freeze…kinda important.  After topping off the coolant, all was back to normal and we were off again!  Thanks be to JC!

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We decided it was time we unfurled her sails and let her fly!  So we let out the Genny and the main and… nothing.  In typical cruiser fashion, the winds were right on our nose so we furled them back up and proceeded on engine power.  Matt decided it might be a good idea to call Marina San Carlos and make sure there was an available slip for us.  Not only did they NOT have a slip for us, but there was a one month waiting list.  Marina Real it was!  Matt was ecstatic because Marina Real is $250 a month cheaper than Marina San Carlos.  A total of 3 ½ hours later, we sailed, no motored, into Marina Real.  Ironically, they docked us right next to a boat, yep you guessed it, from Cave Creek, AZ.

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Marina Real is beautiful.  The docks were just updated last year, we have warm, clean showers and our own private beach that we take the family SUV to every day.  After Marina Guaymas, we feel like we’re living pretty high on the hog.

20141208_132729 20141208_132820 20141208_132916 20141208_133019 20141209_172437


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2 thoughts on “Shakedown Cruise

  1. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff

    Great to see you on the water!

    Just a thought: Seeing your son up the mast prompts me to asked when your standing rigging was last replaced. Anything more than 15 years old is flirting with a de-masting. While many cruising sailors skimp on this, you will find in your insurance policy specifics regarding rigging maintenance, age and care. NZ standards call for rigging replacement every 10 years. IMO, this is a little on the extreme side of caution.

    If it is older than 15 years or if you do not know the age, you should replace it. Keep in mind a visual inspection of the rigging and fasteners will NOT show fatigue. Also, A surveyor is also not usually qualified as a rigging inspector as stainless steel is porous and corrodes from the inside out. Once a flaw is visible, the rigging is considered extremely vulnerable and dangerous.

    If you plan any off shore cruising, this should be addressed.

    BOAT = Break out another thousand

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  2. Mark

    Just came across your website and we will follow your adventures.
    Ours began 5 years ago so soon I may learn to actually sail a little bit.
    Wonderful to see the children. Ours set off with us but now one has gone back to the UK to work. Heartbreaking.
    Bet you never set out again without checking the fluid levels.
    Have an amazing adventure.
    Fair winds my friends


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