The first 72 hours.

First off, THANK YOU to all that attended our Bon Voyage party! It was great to see everyone and it meant a lot to us!

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We had planned to depart at 6 AM on Sunday morning, but my Tetris skills were not as up to par as they used to be and the final boxes didn’t really want to fit into the fully loaded vehicles. We managed to get going in a southerly direction at 10:00 AM. The drive was long but not too terribly bad. I had to stop 4 times between Phoenix and Tucson to re-secure my roof mounted kayak. We both got the RED light while clearing Mexico customs. Courtney and I had previously agreed to not acknowledge that we were travelling together if we were both stopped.  It seemed to work, as both of our inspections were really quick and they didn’t even make us open any boxes! That was fortunate, as we may have had some duties to pay on certain items we were bringing in. Courtney is possibly be the worst tail vehicle I have ever traveled with. One minute she would be right behind me and the next she would be 5 cars back. Not a good scenario when she didn’t know where she was going. We pulled into Guaymas around 7 PM and decided to go straight to the hotel, as the kids were at the end of their respective ropes.

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We rousted up early the next morning and made our way to YOLO. She is looking pretty awesome but we are going to hold off on a full profile picture until the work is completely done and her decks are cleared of all our junk. We spent most of the morning dusting/cleaning the interior and slowly started bringing things on board. The process is pretty brutal, as everything has to be put away in just the right place and you have to make use of all available storage space. Presley and Colter spent their time chasing the sheep around the yard (as did Zoe), making messes inside the boat, and whining about the lack of fun they were having. We also got to meet some new boat friends, however there are ZERO kid boats in the yard. Hopefully that will change when we get over to the marina! By the end of the day (Monday) we had made some descent progress but knew we had a LONG ways to go.

20141201_150335 20141201_150352 20141201_150359 20141201_150411 20141201_150427 20141201_154433

Much more progress was made today! The beds are now made. 70% of all our earthly goods have found a space on board YOLO. The 12V refrigerator is keeping all of our groceries/beer cold. We encountered an old wasp nest inside a vent line for our battery box. Based on what we removed, it is safe to say there wasn’t much venting going on with that obstruction in there. Colter was deservedly rammed by a sheep after chasing and yelling at it all day. Zoe was ordered (by the yard manager) to be tied to the boat for also aiding in the sheep harassment.

20141202_105429 20141202_105514 20141202_153206 20141202_195917

The adventure continues tomorrow!


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