Month: November 2014



We aren’t on the boat yet and I am starting to feel freedom already! The house is SOLD…and the check is IN the bank. DONE DEAL! Yesterday I logged onto my bank’s online bill pay and went on a DELETING frenzy! Cox Cable – DELETE…APS Electric – DELETE…Southwest Gas – DELETE…Cit y of Phoenix – DELETE.  And the BIG one…US Bank Mortgage -DELETE!!! What will our stateside bills look like moving forward…WELL, we prepaid our storage unit and boat insurance, SO….NADA. ZIP, ZILCH, ZEROOOOOO! I am rather excited if you can’t tell.

Also, as of yesterday, the last of our big items sold…the ‘ol dining room table and chairs. Mind you, we got less money for it than what we paid to have the chairs upholstered three years ag0, but hey, it’s gone and that makes me happy. There is a full suspension mountain bike that is “theoretically” for sale but I don’t know if I am parting with it as of yet.

There is still much downsizing to do in the final 22 days. We are working on it slowly but surely. We have at least 10 boxes of randomness at the condo that are staring at us daily…soon to be tackled.

What other coolness is going down, besides my hipster haircut? We were interviewed by an awesome podcast host about our upcoming adventure last Sunday. I will reserve a special post for this when it airs.

Looks like another trip across the border next week for a final delivery of goods. I have purchased our house bank of batteries and the starting battery. I also cheaped out and put together my own mast climbing setup.  The real deal is close to $500. I dropped about $180 at Amazon for the home-built version. I will post some pics after my first ascent, assuming I survive.

Courtney is still frantically driving the children around to their schools, soccer games, and extracurriculars. I won’t miss that gas bill when we close up shop here.

I believe we have a Bon Voyage shindig in the works on Saturday 11-29. Any local desert rats, please comment or get a hold of us for the deets on that.

I will end this with a promise. We will make every effort to post much more frequently once we get down south. And with better photos too! Lame excuse alert!…we have just been insanely busy!

On that note, I will leave you with this…a really awesome podcast that will have you reevaluating what this short time on earth is all about and how to make the most of it –





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