Listen Up!

Breaking NEWS! The YOLO crew was interviewed by host Teddy J at Sail Loot, a few weeks ago, regarding our upcoming adventure. Sail Loot focuses on the sailing lifestyle with an emphasis on how people make it happen from a financial standpoint. Teddy J also has some other fantastic podcast episodes available for your listening pleasure. Check him out at and LIKE him on Facebook at

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Click the link below to hear YOLO’s very first podcast interview! If you have a hankering to know how Courtney and I executed our dream, here ya go! If you are road tripping to grandma’s house for turkey, this will get you about another hour down the road. ENJOY!

This podcast will release today at 11:28 AM EST.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good stuffing.

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4 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Matt

    What a great story…and a journey that is well on its way, but at the same time that is only beginning. Congrats for all your achievements! I’ll keep you guys in my prayers for your safety and sanity!! Enjoy the adventure and keep writing.


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