Month: August 2014

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Wow, time flies! We are getting real close to departure. I begin this post with another apology for the absolute lack of activity on Of course I have plenty of excuses as to why you haven’t been hearing from us as of late. Shoot, I could even blame Courtney for not taking the initiative. But bottom line, we have been slacking.

We had an amazing 10 day vacation in Colorado during the latter part of July. We rented a little house on Those that aren’t familiar with that web service…please check it out. We had a very positive experience and got a really neat home at a great price! We did some killer hiking, camped a couple of nights, mountain biked, and ultimately RELAXED. Mid vacay, I was perusing the local Craigslist and guess what I found? A like-new 15hp Yamaha 2 stroke for the dinghy! Presley and Colter had some quality time with the grandfolks and cousins. We also installed a well pump up at our cabin in the San Juan Mountains, near Telluride, Colorado.

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We still have a house that is seriously FOR SALE so we can go SAIL. Who wants it? It appears we have mistimed¬†another real estate boom and things have really flattened out in the Phoenix market. Evidently prospective home buyers in our area now want a home that is priced VERY competitively AND they expect it to be turn-key ready. I’m not just talking about fresh paint on the walls. I’m talking about granite counters, new appliances, completely redone bathrooms, and probably a nice mature money tree growing in the backyard. So we are playing the game, upgrade this, upgrade that. How about another price drop after the brand new frameless shower surround? Sure! Fingers crossed we get a realistic offer soon!



The kids are doing great! Presley had her tonsils out the day after we got back from Colorado. It was a rough recovery but she is sleeping so much better and we hope she becomes a healthier little girl for it. ¬†They are both back in school but definitely have an awareness that boat life will be coming soon to their little worlds. Lot’s of questions about sharks, surfing, and will there be any other kids?


Not too much to report on the boat front. s/v YOLO is still sitting on the hard waiting our return in October with ALL kinds of boat related goodies. We finally received our United States Coast Guard documentation. It only took about 6 months…good ol’ US government efficiency.

Until next time…



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