Month: June 2014

Epic Video Worthy Of Own Post

Courtney shared this a few days ago on Facebook (sorry if you already saw it). I just got the chance to watch it! WOW. Must be viewed with the audio on, so if you are at work, be careful, there are a few F-bombs in it. But even then, totally worth it, as you may find yourself submitting your OWN two weeks notice! Thanks Cousin Daniel for sharing with Court!

Long Overdue UPDATES!

Hello all! We are sorry for our lack of recent posts. Things are just plain CRAZY! Everything is still on track, but the BLOG is having to take a backseat in order to accomplish all that needs to be done.


The second week we spent on YOLO, last month, was even more productive than the first. CoCo joined me on Monday and we hammered out A LOT of stuff – ceiling cleaning, wood polishing, speaker installs, head removals, meetings with canvas people, meetings with carpenter, meeting NEW boat friends in the yard, pressure/leak testing of dinghy, removal of gas stove from galley, as it will need to be replaced, removal of life raft from INSIDE cabin to be serviced in the US, removal of dinghy outboard from stern rail and brought back to US, removal of all bed foam in order to be replaced, and MANY, MANY more mundane things!

Since back in the US, we have (are): had ANOTHER garage sell that was a success, wrapped up the kid’s school year, still downsizing/selling bigger ticket items, completing small repair items on house, listed house for sale on market, grinding through spring wedding season, ordering boat parts/stuff, and researching boat related repairs. Ultimately, just trying to stay SANE!

Court and I flew to San Diego last week to have 4 of our 7 sails inspected and serviced. The news we received on our existing sail inventory was not all that great. We have a pretty hefty storm jib that is in good shape and just needs some minor repairs. The smaller Genoa and the old main were left to be recycled into purses and bags. We will be needing a new 150% Genoa (not cheap at all), as the current sail is not the correct size for our boat and the material is too light for offshore sailing. We are still debating a new in-mast roller main (not cheap either). We left the shop with our big headsail, as it will make do, for now, for our coastal sailing around the Sea of Cortez, but will need to be replaced soon. Back on YOLO, we still have a spare roller main to test out, a brand new spare staysail that needs to be unwrapped, and a Gennaker/Spinnaker of some sort (NO IDEA how to fly this thing…should be fun when the time comes). We also went to a foam shop to select new foam for the beds. Who knew there are about 30 different types, densities, and levels of firmness when it comes to foam.

Thanks for still hangin’ with us! More updates to come soon, with pictures…we promise!


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