Sailing the Gulf Coast – Boys Weekend 2014

To the chagrin of the wives, my two younger brothers (Alex and Ross) and I decided to make a weekend trip (boys only) to see our father (Gil) down in southeast Texas. Note that “wives” is plural because we are all married, not just me with multiple wives. We hadn’t been together at the same time since Summer of 2011. Man, time flies.

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Upon our arrival to Pleasure Island Marina, we were greeted by my dad, his 2-year-old sheepdog and some vicious mosquitoes. I bunked up with the pops on his Islander 28 sailboat. Alex and Ross were on a nearby friend’s boat. Come morning, Alex was found sleeping in the rental car due to the veracity of the mosquitoes. Ross must be tougher or worse smelling.


We had a quick breakfast at the Yacht Club and then prepared s/v Gambit for a sail out on Sabine Lake. This was the first time either of my bros had been on a sailboat, other than a small dinghy in Mexico. They didn’t know a jib from a gybe (and probably still don’t).┬áThe wind was blowing a fresh 10-14 knots and we had a great sail. I was actually impressed with how quickly the fundamentals of sailing set in for both of them. Looking back to my initial experience, I suppose I struggled more with stepping the mast and rigging the boat than I did with the actual sailing, as well.

IMG_0395 IMG_0399 IMG_0402

As a reward for not breaking his boat or injuring him, Gil treated us to a crawfish boil…15 pounds of them mud bugs to be exact.


IMG_0407We took a drive over to Holly Beach, Louisiana on Saturday morning. This was a beach we used to spend time at as kids when visiting family in Vinton, LA. We encountered a very scary looking sea creature and also watched some fishing pros reel in a large Bull Red fish. Good times.

IMG_0415 IMG_0414 IMG_0413

By midday, the fog had burned off and we set sail for the Sabine Lake Causeway Bridge. The crew had more confidence from the previous day and we were really starting to look like we knew what we were doing.

IMG_0418 IMG_0432 IMG_0457 IMG_0423

We had the engine on approaching the bridge but were able to short tack right through it without even engaging the transmission. Then disaster struck…the crew of s/v Gambit had run out of beer! There was no option but to turn around and go back to the marina.

IMG_0438 IMG_0427 IMG_0446

All in all, the 1st Annual Boys Weekend was a success. So much so that we will be doing it again next year…time and place TBD.

Thanks Dad and Brothers for a great weekend!

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