Our boat work progress has been nonexistent for the past few weeks (other than the hired work for the deck repairs and paint), as our schedules are not gybing with another trip down to Mexico for the moment. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t buying boat parts, supplies, spares, etc. That, also, doesn’t mean we have been slackers on other tasks as well. Check this out…


We sold our little trailer sailor that started it all…Goodbye s/v Glenda Faye!


We had ANOTHER garage/moving sale. More success at getting rid of stuff.

But since we got rid of some stuff, we decided we needed more stuff...i.e. boat stuff.

But since we got rid of some stuff, we decided we needed more stuff…i.e. boat stuff.

Colter said “NO WAY” to selling THIS in the garage sale. He wants to add it to the “ditch bag” for emergency use only.

Block wall to be repaired…work starts on Monday.

This BIG girl just got out of surgery. She had two big moles removed, teeth cleaned, and anal glands expressed. The kids college fund has taken another hit.

Then this thing tried to land in our backyard.

Just a little motivator I came across on FB. My thoughts exactly.

Just a little motivator I came across on FB. My thoughts exactly.

So that was a little recap of some recent activity. Our plans were to have the house on the market by now, but we still have some last-minute work to do:

  • Full interior repaint (painter starts Monday)
  • 8 floor tiles replaced (DIY soon)
  • Repair sprinkler system and seed lawn for grass (I had boycotted grass for the past two years to conserve water and $$$. ¬†Grass in the desert seems dumb to me but I guess people like it when they are house shopping because it is pretty. Never mind the absolute waste of water, a very limited resource, that we rely on from Colorado to keep our own lawns and the 100+ golf courses in the Valley looking forever green.)
  • Install new vanity lights and towel bars once paint is complete
  • Sell, sell, sell more stuff!

Once these tasks are wrapped, sell and sail we will!

*Boring boat related question-

I am really struggling with laying out big $$$ for 300 feet of new 3/8 anchor chain plus a new anchor. s/v YOLO currently has 200 feet of 5/16 chain with a 55lb Delta anchor. She will probably be weighing a little over 30,000 pounds once we are fully loaded up for cruising. Keep in mind that we intend to be spending A LOT of  time on the hook.

  • Is the current tackle too skimpy?
  • If we do upsize the chain, would we need a new windlass gypsy to accommodate the different link size?
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7 thoughts on “Git-R-Done

  1. Frank Conner

    I have a Tartan 372, which while 38′ on deck probably weighs in about 19,000 lb.s. I anchor a lot as we belong to a club which leases a facility on Catalina Island that requires bow and stern anchoring. Anchors and chain are really controversial and you will find lots of opinions. You actually have to find what works for you; your anchoring style, bottom conditions, etc.

    I have a 35 lb. Delta anchor with 250′ of 5/16 chain. I usually anchor in 20-40 ft. with a sand bottom. I rarely put out more than 120′ of chain and have never had this anchor drag. Chain is really important because it keeps the rode on the bottom and the pull on the anchor horizontal. More scope just keeps that angle with harder pulling forces.

    You would definitely have to change the windlass gypsy if you changed the chain size. They have to be the same size or will bind.

    If it were me, I would stick to what you have and put another 100-200′ of nylon rode on the bitter end of the chain for anchoring in really deep water. It seems that a 55 lb. Delta with 200 ft. of chain is a pretty good set-up for that boat, and I would certainly try it out before spending $$$ on putting in heavier gear.

    It will happen that the windlass will not work sometime and you will have to pull that gear by hand. You will appreciate a little lighter gear that day!!


    1. Matt

      Hi Frank,

      I really appreciate the input. The previous owner mentioned he never had issues dragging with the current setup. It just seems like everything we read says to “ALWAYS upsize” this and that. The problem with that is of course the $$$ and the weight, if it is, in fact, unnecessary. We are going to hang tight for now and hope the anchor and chain do too! Thanks again for your comment and following along on our journey!

  2. Michael Robertson

    Several thoughts: 1) anchored here in La Paz, the Tartan next to us just lost their anchor yesterday on chain/line rode. He said he was aware of chafe in the line from a previous event, but hadn’t yet addressed it. Snap. Two lessons: spare anchor good to have and line is great for weight and shock absorption, but is subject to chafe. 2) I lost an anchor with a chain/line rode in Cuba when the line jumped off the top of the roller and chafed on the forestay turnbuckle. One lesson: if you go with a chain/line rode, have a bale that keeps it on the roller–though this is good for all-chain rode too. 3) I think you will usually find you want more than 200 feet of rode, whatever the composition. 4) if your rode is chain/line, it can be difficult to make the transition between the two on the windlass, especially under adverse conditions. 5) when only chain rode deployed, you will want a bridle to absorb the shock. 6) I believe in bigger anchor and heavy chain and lots of rode in all cases. Our 40-foot boat weighs 28-29K pounds and we use a 66# Bruce and 300 feet of 3/8. 7) the new generation anchors are nice, but expensive and not necessary. Our Bruce sets easily and has never dragged. (our backup is a 55# Delta on a second roller). If you decide to up-size, a Lewmar “Bruce-style” anchor is the way I would go. If you buy the chain you want, you will need a new gypsy ($285 when we bought one for our Lofrans Cayman winch). Another thing you could do is buy 100 feet of additional 5/16 chain and a joining link–assuming your existing chain is in good shape and you can get them joined in a way that will allow it to pass over your gypsy. 8) another good suggestion is just to go with what you have and upgrade later–sometimes you can find deals at marine swapmeets that happen everywhere–perhaps buy the discards from a larger boat upgrading from what you want.
    Best wishes, Michael

    1. Matt

      Hi Michael,

      As usual, you gave me a lot to think about. I guess I need to begin by pulling out all the existing chain and giving it an inspection, as I have not even done that yet. I am in full agreement of not going the chain/line rode setup. There is a guy in Phoenix selling 175 ft of used 5/16 BBB on Craigslist, for a pretty good deal. I may pick that up from him assuming the rest of my chain is good and I can attach the lengths together. Otherwise, I have access to a Port Supply account and can get 300 ft of new 3/8 BBB for $1500. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for your input, it is very appreciated.

  3. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff


    Check out the site for Mantus: On this site you can size an anchor to your vessel and how you use the vessel. This will give you a sense if you are sized correctly.

    Watch their underwater videos. There are enlightening. I am a believer that you can never have too much chain. On Cream Puff we have 500′ of 3/8 chain for our main anchor. 200′ 3/8 chain and 300′ rode for our secondary. And, 200′ 3/8 chain 300′ rode for our stern anchor.

    We have a hodgepodge of anchor types allowing us to anchor in grass, sand and mud.

    We have spent many a night on the hook and also use a couple of electronic anchor watch gadgets. We have a GPS tied into our Trident software with an anchor watch and a phone app. We keep both on.

    Hope this helps.


    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Matt

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the input and for the guidance to Mantus. That has helped us in making the decision that we are going to go BIGGER. 3/8 and at least a 65lb hook…probably the Mantus. We will keep the others for backup. The best deal I am finding for 300 feet 3/8 BBB chain is about $1500 at West Marine with Port Supply discount. Does that sound like a descent deal?

      1. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff


        Freight on chain is the killer because of the bulk and weight. Since WM can ship to store at no charge that seems a good deal.

        Do you have a windlass? If so, be SURE the chain will run on the windlass you have or purchase an additional wheel.

        If you are going to look at Mantus, it may help to send them a note to see if they will give you a discount in exchange for a page on your web-site. The have done that for a few of our friends.



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