Joy and PAIN

It all started with a road trip across the border, this past week. It was to be our first of many “smuggling” runs into Mexico with boat related gear, merchandise, etc.


The border crossing was nothing less than pleasant.  Mexico does the “red light/green light” thing just like at the airport customs there. It is my understanding that as long as you’re in a normal sized vehicle, the odds are pretty good for the green light. If you do get the red, you have to pull over to an inspection area where they will probably unpack all your belongings and then come up with a “value” of the new goods you are importing into the country. If you have receipts, this may help. I believe the tax rate on imported items is 16%. Since I have a yacht in transit in Mexico, theoretically, I can bring new replacement items from the USA down for the boat, tax-free. But, I have heard many cases where the customs agents will not honor this and still hit you for the tax. But as JJ in San Carlos says…”who cares!?” I got the GREEN light baby! The rest of the drive was uneventful.

We had our fiberglass worker, Francisco, begin the deck work two days prior to my arrival. There seems to be a common theme on the foredeck of these Brewer 44’s and it is water intrusion of the deck core in that area. According to Francisco, water sneaks into the core from the deck prism that is on the center line of the boat (taped off in blue in pics below). Moisture can also makes its’ way below the fiberglass from the dorade vent box. Brittany of Windtraveler had the same issues on her B44. However, in true Mexico fashion, Francisco’s methods of repair were totally different and at a FRACTION of the cost as hers. His technique even involved a super high-tech repair device known as…a BIG heavy rock.  I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. But humor aside, I am very confident in Francisco’s abilities and quality of work, thus far. He is also repairing a cosmetic crack on the transom and repainting the entire deck and non skid. YOLO will be looking fresh in no time!

IMG_4079 IMG_4074 IMG_4075

In terms of our own progress, we are still in the sorting, cleaning and organizing phases. I was able to get a good number of items crossed of THE LIST but we still have a long ways to go on that front! We have met some great people in the yard that have been extremely generous and knowledgeable. Our boat friends Greg and Nancy from Fatima Lente have been amazing. Greg spent hours with me on the boat, including the engine room, providing tutorials on many things that are/were foreign to me. The spare parts inventory left on YOLO has turned out to be substantial and includes a Perkins factory exhaust manifold with the price tag still on it. Value… just shy of $1500! Daddy likey.

IMG_4072 IMG_4073 IMG_4070 IMG_4112 IMG_4113 IMG_4095IMG_4097

I found four life jackets in the cockpit locker. Only one had these markings. At least I know which one to grab when the ship is sinking.

I found four life jackets in the cockpit locker. Only one had these markings. At least I know which one to grab when the ship is sinking.

But this is where the story gets real good! Courtney and I had been FaceTiming each night via the yard’s WIFI. Just the usual banter…”oh you are so beautiful, I love you so much, I wish you were here, you are a super model, etc.” She would also inquire on my daily progress. It’s strange but after working for 13+ hours, it is hard to recount exactly what was accomplished. Just maybe because I would find myself with 15-20 projects going on all at once. On my last night on the boat, she asked what else I was going to get done the following day before heading home. I mentioned to her that I still had ONE final locker that needed to be sorted, and cleaned. She had thought she had already tackled that locker on our previous visit. But I shot her a quick pic of the chaos and she digressed.

IMG_4130This is after removing half of the contents. Just a lovely collection of articles: old water hoses, wire, cable, two broken water pumps, a used macerator pump (stinky), 4 quarts of automatic transmission fluid, and a LITTLE RED PLASTIC BAG. Can you see it just left of center behind the black coil of wires? PAY DAY! $760 CASH money!!! What a nice little boat warming present. (Read THIS post where Court gives a little background on the lost money story!)

IMG_0338 IMG_0337But isn’t this post called Joy and PAIN? Very observant grasshopper…










Not so much a stinging feeling but rather a horrendous burning sensation. Lesson learned – Wear proper footwear for future boat work projects.



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10 thoughts on “Joy and PAIN

  1. Glenda weaver

    So impressive your desire ,ambition energy and commitment you have made to this adventure , only you and your sweet CoCo could pull this all together . It has been so much fun doubting and hoping that you might change your mind and at the least consider your parents advise, but no you are living your dream and we concede , we will live it with you in spirit. We wish you all the best and enjoy following the up dates. Nice find on the treasure , God is good and He and his angels are with you! All the Love , Happiness in the world Mauh Momma

    1. Matt

      Thanks Momma! We appreciate your support! We may also need you to crew (work the boat with us) on our passage from Mexico to the South Pacific…only 20-30 days at sea!

  2. Hotspur

    Too funny!! Nice story about finding the hidden booty. Get used to the toe-burger… ground and bloody. Give Nancy and Greg on Festima Lente a big hug and kiss from us. We’re headed to French Polynesia in a couple weeks.

    1. Matt

      I like TOE-BURGER! Can I steal that phrase? I will be sure to say hello to Nancy and Greg for you. Too exciting that you are getting ready for the Puddle Jump! Soo cool! Safe travels!


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