Lovin’ Bloglovin’!

If you have a hankering (haven’t used this word in a sentence since ’86) for blogs, you have to check out Bloglovin’! This is a very slick site that allows you to create a user login and then search/list your favorite blogs. Once you have it all setup, you are ready to kick your blog reading into high gear. Without Bloglovin’, you would have to click to each blog site that you follow, hopefully from bookmarks, to see if your fav bloggers had any fresh material to purvey. But this is the year 2014 ladies and gentlemen. We now have things like this to improve our quality of life. The iPad/iPhone app is particularly nice, if you’re an Apple connoisseur. But not Granny Smith, they are too sour.

For example, let’s say Pat from Bumfuzzle has been slacking on his, typically, very consistent daily posts. Now, you don’t have to be clicking to his site in the morning, at lunch, during nap time, and in the evening to see if the RV has new tires. (For the record, I never had an interest in old school RV’s until they went and bought one.  Although the “Bounder” from Breaking Bad was pretty B.A.) Anyways, just a simple visit to Bloglovin’ will now show you the latest posts from ALL of your favorites, including the freshest ones off the press.



***There is also a thing called RSS that will do this as well. However, I don’t really understand how it works, as it is way above my pay grade. In fact, Bloglovin’ probably uses RSS to update all the recent posts. I don’t even know if svyolo.com has RSS activated. Feel free to educate me if you possess the knowledge.

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3 thoughts on “Lovin’ Bloglovin’!

  1. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff

    If you can figure out how to get Bloglovin’s to automatically update when you post on your blog, let me know. I spent hours trying to figure it out. Perhaps it is because my post do not go on the home page. Who knows. I gave up.

    I have found RSS feeds the best way to stay up on blogs. Very easy to set up and the post is sent to each subscriber’s email inbox. It doesn’t get any easier to follow than that.


    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Matt

      Hi Mark, I think you need to have RSS activated on your blog. I don’t see updates from Bloglovin or Feedly when you do a new blog post. I always have to directly visit your site to see the latest info. There may be a widget that you can activate to provide the feed to Bloglovin, Feedly, etc.


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