Clean Up on Aisle 12!

So we’ve officially had the first best day of our boat owning lives…the day we took possession of Wanderbird (soon to be YOLO)! When we arrived in San Carlos, we were down right giddy! But nothing could have prepared us for what we found onboard. Holy shakaka! *&^% everywhere! Every nook, every cranny, every cupboard, every storage space was filled with trash, plastic bags, old clothes, old newspapers, old pillows, and LOTS of dust. Two of our favorite items found: condoms and a personal massager. Being that I am slightly anal, my head began to spin like the main character in Poltergeist! It took me 7 hours just to clean out the state room.  Did I mention it was bad? Matt kept pouring cold water over my head to snap me out of my tizzy.

Why, you ask, was she so dirty and full of trash? Well, the previous owner purchased a catamaran 3 years ago (to replace Wanderbird) and simply put Wanderbird on the hard, in the field of broken dreams a.k.a. a dusty dirt lot. She went up for sale right away, but as is typically the case, she was priced way above market price and received very little interest during this time. That is, until we found her!

What kept us motivated? The seller had told us when he was crossing the Panama canal, that he had hidden the passage fee (roughly $600+) somewhere on the boat. Him and his wife had forgotten where, and never found the money. Of course we were bound and determined to find it! So we spent 3 days cleaning her out. By the end, there was a pile the size of an SUV containing trash and goodwill items. We never found the $600+ dollars and we think it might become the elusive giant squid onboard. The good news is we did find thousands of dollars in spare parts amid the rubble.

After spending 3 days on the boat, we have added and deleted items on our To Do list. A post on our progress will follow.

We put this bad boy to use!

No caption necessary!

Personal massager

This never came out of the box for obvious reasons.


My best duck face pose holding a VHF on celestial navigation.

rusty scraper

Good as new!

rusty fish hook

Good thing I got my tetanus…that’s a rusty fish hook. All of that trash came out of that little hole.

garbage compactor

Removing the trash compactor. So simple one would think. Oh no, it took us three hours.


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3 thoughts on “Clean Up on Aisle 12!

    1. Courtney Courtney

      Jared, you are so right. Now that the mess has been organized I am so grateful for the spare parts and other treasures (a small flat screen TV, a small computer monitor and some beautiful Christian Dior scarves) we found.

  1. Mate

    That celestial navigation tape is VHS. Funny thing when I was getting my boat license I made a mistake by saying that the nautical radio station is VHS.


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