Hello YOLO

Lookin' a little scruffy in the desert.

Lookin’ a little scruffy in the desert.

We did it! After a couple of tense post-survey negotiations, we found some middle ground. We have purchased our future floating home.  Meet SV Yolo, our 1990 Brewer 44!

Is she perfect? No. Is she turnkey ready? No. Is she even, dare I say, “a little rough around the edges?” Probably. But as some may know, buying a boat is never a 100% rationale decision. How did we know this was THE ONE for us? Well, let me take you back to my first trip to look at her. Picture me rocking out in the rental car to nothing but Mexican jams from the airport in Hermosillo all the way to Guaymas. I was flipping stations like a mad man just trying to hear some US of A music. No luck. I went and checked into the hotel in San Carlos and then realized I needed to go see her (the boat) now. I just couldn’t wait until my meeting with the broker the next day. I jumped back in my Chevy Spark and drove the 12 or so miles over to the boat yard in Guaymas where she was stored on the hard. Yes, still had some crazy mariachi tunes playing on the station. I was about 5 minutes away from the yard, when this song comes on…

In English. No joke. I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to. Talk about fate, eh? I probably should have just turned back around and flown home and told my broker I would take her. My appointment the next morning strongly reinforced my feelings about this boat.

I got home the following day and talked to Courtney. We quickly decided to put in an offer. We had a few counters back and forth and got to an agreed price, including a repair allowance for a few known issues. Namely, a soft spot on the foredeck and a hairline crack in the gel coat of the transom.

Court and I flew back down to Mexico with my dad (also a sailboat owner) in mid-January for the survey and sea trial. We were fortunate that the owner of the boat was present on the boat and took a lot of time showing us the various systems and workings of the boat. Unfortunately, I only remember about 20% of what we went over.


It was a whirlwind three days but we got it all done. There were no major surprises other than the in-mast furling system not working correctly with the mainsail…i.e. jamming at about 75% on the outhaul. This was a major deal for us, as we had put in writing on the initial purchase agreement  that the furling system must be working satisfactorily. It was not. But nonetheless, we loved her. She sailed incredibly well and motored nicely. Not too shabby considering she has been on the hard for about 3 years.




We got back to AZ and started doing some recon on the in mast furling issue. Most of the feedback was quite positive. Although many a sailor will tell you they hate in mast and/or boom furling systems for the mainsail…working or not. Our research concluded that we will need, at minimum, a new mainsail and a very good cleaning of the inner workings of the furling system. Hopefully, that will fix it. If it doesn’t, the rig has to come down to extract the system and repair or replace. We really don’t want to do that.

We came back to the owner with a new offer to give us an allowance on the furler issue. After some more back and forth, we struck a deal. The actual purchase process has been fairly painless up to this point. The brokers have handled most of the communications and paperwork shuffling. We have a maritime agency that is processing our USCG doccumentation forms, title, etc. Another Mexican document we will be getting is called a Temporary Import Permit (TIP). This is a very important piece of paper that is tied to the boat (not literally tied, because then it would get wet). The TIP allows you to leave your boat in Mexico as a foreigner, legally, for up to 10 years.

Courtney and I are headed back to Mexico on Thursday to spend a few days on YOLO*, as OWNERS! I’m sure Court will go into one of her OCD cleaning frenzies and I will be stuck sorting through all the lockers to see what treasures and trash I can find.

We have a lot of work to do! Please follow along as we make her our own!

*The boats’ current name is Wanderbird. We will be doing the name changing ceremony to make her YOLO in the next few months.


Where the magic will happen.

Where the magic will happen.



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8 thoughts on “Hello YOLO

  1. pv

    Hey Guys:

    Just came across ur site and was wondering if u know about boat ownership issues currently in progress in Mexico….check out the Latitude 38 site for up to date info….there are about 300 boats held up by the Mexico’s IRS….Just a heads up…Good luck to you…

    1. Matt

      Hi PV, we are aware of the AGACE debacle down there. We were able to confirm with two different Port Captains in the area that she is NOT on “the list” and has all the appropriate docs at the Marina where she is kept. It is an unfortunate mess and we hope that the Mexican government will quickly realize the damage they are doing to tourism and make things right. Thanks for the comment and we hope you continue to follow our journey!

  2. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff

    Hi Guys,

    Congrats on YOLO!!!!

    We hope she takes you safely to many far off lands for years to come.

    ” If it doesn’t, the rig has to come down to extract the system and repair or replace. We really don’t want to do that.” Yes, you do want to do that. Before sailing on the ocean, change all the standing rigging (unless it has been done in the last 7 years). This is not as big of a project as it sounds. We plan to install new standard rigging ourselves before taking off. ‘Tis best to keep the mast in an upright position.

    Enjoy your trip down. looking forward to seeing more pics

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    ps – can’t get that damn song out of my head now.

    1. Matt

      Thanks Mark and Cindy! We are so very excited! The PO seem to think the rigging is 5-7 years old, but isn’t sure. We will be investigating that in the following months. More posts and pics to come. Thanks for following!

  3. Dani

    Beautiful boat!! Congrats 🙂 Must be completely and utterly exciting to finally have the boat, and a very capable one at that! Isn’t that the boat the Windtraveler folks have?

    Also that’s one hell of a list you have you there…reminds me of what our list used to look like but now it’s so much small and we are getting more motivated than every to check items off the list.

    1. Matt

      Hi Dani!

      Thanks so much for the comments! Yes, the Windtraveler crew do have the same boat! The list is daunting but we will tackle it slowly but surely! We love your blog posts and follow them regularly, thanks for sharing!

      Matt and Courtney

  4. Glenda weaver

    Do u realize that Sailing by Christopher Cross was written n 1980 . U were toddling around at 2 years old . Thirty four years back ! Wow and here you r all grown up and sailing. You and your family are such a joy. God Bless. Momma


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