Month: December 2013

Bumfiesta (Mazatlán Part 2)


BFF’s living the dream!

swing kids

Right before we left for the trip to Mazatlan Matt informed me, matter-of-factly, that he had contacted the Bumfuzzles, and that we would be meeting up.  I looked at him like he was an alien!  The poor Bumfuzzles!  Like they wanted to meet us!  I’m sure they get harangued with fans trying to meet up and swap stories all the time.  Nonetheless, they agreed to dinner.

We met at a low key beach side restaurant that had a swing set and ride-on toys for the kids.  Why don’t more restaurants in the U.S. follow suit?  Liability perhaps, but our kids LOVED it and I got to sit back and drink one of the best JUMBO margs I’ve ever had.

The best part of the evening was when Matt stated that he would pick up the tab. He quickly handed me the good ol’ Visa card and I was informed that the credit card machine was down due to a traffic accident in front of the restaurant a week before. I was horrified and conveniently, we had very little cash on hand. Thank goodness, Ali was there to save the day, as they were/are smart enough to use local currency and had sufficient pesos with them. Pat may re-define his term “SLACKER” after this experience.

We all had a great time getting to know each other, kids included. So much fun, in fact, that we had to do it again two nights later! Most likely they agreed to this second date as insurance to get paid back from the credit card debacle at the restaurant.


Presley and Ouest pretending to be mermaids.



Colter on his best behavior. In a group photo, you would have the “YOBUMS!”

It’s funny how you feel like you know someone after reading their blog. The best bloggers put their heart and soul into every word.  They leave nothing out.  At least that’s how I feel about Pat’s blog.  He doesn’t try to sprinkle sugar on top…he says it like it is.  In meeting them both, I realized that they are exactly as they come across in their blog: the salt of the earth, great people, who live for great adventures.

We hope to cross paths many times in the future!

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