Month: December 2013


What inspires someone to up and sell everything they own including their house, uproot their kids, and decide to live on a sailboat? Well I’ve asked Matt that questions many times. I’ll admit, it wasn’t me who came up with the idea.  He ‘s the dreamer in our family. I’m along for the ride…or is it sail? In addition to Matt having lofty aspirations of wonderful adventures for our family, there were some great books that have not only inspired our sailing trip, but have facilitated us in moving forward.  I know there are other blogs that have covered this, but we skipped the real technical books and instead listed the books that grabbed us by the heart strings and made us crave a life at sea. Here’s what floated our boat… (click on any book cover to go directly to the book on Amazon)

This was the original #1 inspiration behind our trip! I was on the fence until I read this. Thank you Bums for taking us on a circumnavigation without leaving our living room.


‘Live on the Margin’ (ok, ok…we like Pat’s books) helped us put our plan into action and gave us a financial blueprint to eventually pursue the liveaboard lifestyle. Where will the money come from? How much will we need? This book answers these questions and many more!


A nerd (Matt really connected) who pursues the dream and experiences some very challenging conditions.

breaking seas

A family adventure story with some very funny humor throughout!


Cool husband and wife story aboard their boat!


This book reads like a novel but has a lot of practical advice from the very conception of the idea/dream.

crusing life

Real life story that reads like an episode of Forensic Files.  Crazy!


This book is written by the same author as ‘The Hatchet’ (most of us read  back it in 4th thru 6th grade). Good perspective on the attraction to water/sailing.


An epic tale of survival at sea.


I really connected with this book because it had a quirky female author (let’s face it… sailing books are dominated by male authors). It also made me realize that anyone (even me) can sail. The author takes you on her journey from Arizona to the Caribbean AND gives you 100+ pieces of advice that will come in handy while living aboard

sailf of two

A family adventure story that goes far beyond sailing.

black wave

This captain takes you on a real (this is a true story) voyage filled with one crazy adventure after another. The story of him and his crew enroute to Hawaii, Australia, and more leave you with a salty taste in your mouth!

imperfect passage

One or TWO spaces after the Period?


A long time ago, in high school and college, I seem to remember a very important rule about there ALWAYS being two spaces after a period when typing a letter, term paper, etc. And by typing I mean using a computer word processor.  I’m not that old…YET. My online research tells me that the rule is to, now, use only one space. Here is an interesting article regarding this:

It has been a challenge for me to break the habit of the old period double space bar routine but I am slowly giving into it. However, some very well-followed bloggers (sorry Brittany, but I noticed it first on yours) are still clacking out two. If it makes you feel any better, I know I have previous posts and probably even this one, where you will be able to find a “double spacer.”

What’s the verdict? Right or Wrong? Does it matter? Who gives a f%&#?


On a different note, who are y’all using for your site hosting these days?  I’m with GoDaddy and up for renewal but their renewal rates are absurdly higher than their new customer rates. What’s with companies jacking up prices AFTER you have been a “valued” customer for a length of time? Let me know.

Lastly, YOLO has been socialized and we are now on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and Google+

Please check us out on those and like, link, comment, etc!

Going to see 3 boats on Friday in Fort Lauderdale. The great boat hunt continues. Updates to follow soon!


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