Month: November 2013


My biggest concern when Matt and I began planning our voyage was the kids. How would they react to being yanked away from their friends, family and life? Was Colter ready? Was he healthy enough?  In case you haven’t already read our “Crew” introductions, Colter is autistic. His autism is why we pushed our trip back 2 years instead of 1. But he is also what inspired me to say yes to this trip. The last two years of fighting to retrieve my boy from the clutches of autism opened my eyes. I began to realize that no matter how hard I tried to give my kids a white picket fence and “Mayberry” upbringing, there would be events that I couldn’t predict or plan, that would occur.  So that was when I let the “American dream” go. I stopped trying to live for everyone else and started living. I decided to ignore the naysayers.  If Colter could conquer autism, he would be just fine on our sailing adventure and so would I. We didn’t need to reach for tomorrow because we would live for today from now on.  And that is what our journey became…not about planning the next 10 voyages, but about what is happening right here right now. YOLO encompasses that premise and reminds all of us that today is all we’re promised.

IMG_1277 bub and sis photo

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