Month: November 2013

Yacht Offer Update

Well I promised an update on our offer.  We received a counter offer today.  Court and I have some thinking to do on moving forward, as we will be nearing our budget all the while trying to have an allowance for things that will need to be done to make her truly cruise ready. We will advise of any future progress with this yacht if/when things progress.


We are heading to Mazatlan for a family vacay on Sunday!  Pretty excited for that!

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Boat Lookin’ and making our first “REAL” offer

photo 2

We are now inside of the 12 month mark to departure and still boat-LESS. Not a big deal, yet, as I really don’t want to be paying big bucks to park the yacht in an American marina while we are still trying to whittle down our landlubbing lifestyle. But it sure is fun to go check a few out from time to time. We left the kiddos in the very capable hands of Grandma and then CoCo and I jumped a plane to San Diego. “Which, of course, in German means a whale’s vagina.” We had a pretty short list of boats to see now that we have really narrowed down our field of contenders.

One of MY biggest challenges is cabin headroom, being 6’4″. It appears sailboat designers don’t think tall dudes enjoy nautical activities. One particular model we have been tracking online is the Brewer 44. It is a center cockpit cutter rigged vessel.  Known for better than average liveaboard space as well as a bluewater pedigree  A very popular sail blogging family owns and lives on this very make of boat.  The Brewer 44 was the first one of the day on the list, and let me tell ya, I am digging me a B44.  Headroom to spare (well at least a 1/2 inch or so) and a massive aft stateroom.  We saw a few other boats that were nice but just not what we were looking for.  Especially when matched up to the Brewer.

photo 4

Short story shorter…we made an offer on the Brewer.  I already got in trouble with my broker for talking to the actual owner of the boat (who also is actively selling this same boat on eBay!?).  I guess this is not a kosher move in the brokerage world.  Anyone that has inside knowledge on the reasons of why…please comment.  We will update on Monday with the news!



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