Month: November 2013

Where do Desert Dwellers SAIL?

image Yes, there is water in the desert. Ironically, Phoenix has a very pleasant sailing lake. It is even called Lake Pleasant because it is just so darn pleasant. CoCo and I went out on a little outing today, sans children.  The winds were as advertised, southerly at about 10-12 knots.  It was awesome.  One of those days that you can really do it all by feel. This is a good thing, because somebody forgot to put the Windex on the masthead…yes it was me.




One of the many things I love about sailing is that the conditions are never identical and there is always something to be learned by getting out there and doing a few tacks and gybes. Good times. Even Zoe said she had fun.


WWCD (What Would Cesar Do)

Zoe is our puppy, and by puppy I mean 7 year old Wheaten Terror (oops I mean terrier).  Zoe is also our red headed step child. Every time we take her to the groomers she gets a bad report card.  She escapes out our front door all the time and chases down any poor kid/person on wheels (bikes, wheel chairs, roller skates, even strollers). She hates other female dogs.  She goes nuts in a thunder storm, running around in the rain, barking like a mad woman.

I promise you it’s not because we’ve ever been mean to her, or hit her.  It’s quite the opposite.  I think it’s because she was our first and only child for 2 years before Presley was born.  She was spoiled.  She flew with Matt, came everywhere with us, attended doggy day care (she literally ate our carpet, so we had no choice), and frequented the dog parks every weekend.  She was a socialite. As Zoe got older, she got less and less social.  Then, when our Silky Yorkie, Ziggy, died in January, she became really anti-social.  I’ve been told it’s because I’m not a dominant female, so she has taken on that roll.  But whatever the reason, I’ve got a real b*&^% on my hands.  Luckily, she is fantastic with kids (when they’re not on wheels).  I often say there are only 2 people abused in our family; me and the dog! The other day, Colter walked right up to her and kicked her in the back while she was sleeping.  She didn’t even bat an eye.  (He went to time out for that.)

Last week I took Zoe to the groomers and they told me they thought she had had a mini-stroke. That threw me!  I’ve heard that strokes can make dogs aggressive.  Is that true?

I wasn’t too concerned about her bad behavior because I felt that I could contain her here on land, in a house, behind closed doors.  But now that we are planning to set sail, there’s some real work that needs to be done.  I told Matt that if Zoe doesn’t go…then I don’t go.  My dogs are mine til death, no matter what.  I’m planning on taking her to the dog parks again, really working hard with her, and praying for a miracle.  If anyone out there reading this is friends with Cesar Millan, please hook a sister up!


Matt said that this blog makes me sound crazy.

Ziggy and Zoe

Ziggy’s last sail on our 17 Holder.  He loved sailing.

Zoe 5

The children love to play (torture) Zoe!

Zoe 3


Backpacking into the Colorado wilderness.

Zoe 4

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