Month: November 2013

¡Viva Mazatlan! (Part 1)


Gorgeous Mazatlan! Mazatlán is a Nahuatl word meaning “place of deer”. Surprisingly, we did not encounter any deer.

Our trip to Maz, last week, served a dual purpose: 1) take a trip for Christmas (instead of lots of stuff, we decided we were going to give the kids an experience) and 2) see some great yachts!  One of our favorite parts of the trip was also meeting up with the Bums, Bumfuzzle that is (more on that in part 2).  If you haven’t checked out their popular blog, we recommend doing so!  We were able to take a look at a Tayana 42, a Fisher Catamaran 32, a Morgan 462 and the Bums even let us aboard their Spindrift 43!

Playa Bruja

Playa Bruja (Witches Beach) was a 3 minute walk from our hotel and is a great surfing spot.

We were able to take a look at Grace for a second time, the Tayana 42.  After this second viewing, we have now crossed the Tayana 42 (aft cockpit) off our list.  Newer Tayana models don’t work for Matt at 6’4″ (not enough head room) and we were worried the berth in the aft cabin wouldn’t be big enough for him either.  Oh, the woes of being a giant!  Also we are leery of teak decks for several reasons: 1) We’re not sure if we want to take care of them, 2) We’re worried about their propensity to leak i.e. “leaky teaky” and 3) We’re concerned about re-selling a boat with teak decks.  I know this is far out but being in real estate for 10 years, you think about this stuff!


The Fisher Catamaran 32 was just too small and cramped and stuffy and small.


We really liked the bones of the Morgan 462, but this particular Morgan needed some TLC.


Recognize this next boat?



Bumfuzzle 3

The Bumfuzzle’s Spindrift 43 is beautiful!  We loved the light, open feel of the pilot house and the kids loved the bow sprit.

Bumfuzzle 2


Boat Shopping Update

This boat buying business is tough and time consuming. We ended up in a bidding war with another party on the Brewer 44 in San Diego and WE lost. The counter offers quickly shot up above our budget and we just couldn’t see the sense in spending as much as she ended up going for. She was going to need a considerable amount of work (work = $$$), such as: new windlass, new salon upholstery, new canvas for dodger, and here is a BIG one, NEW standing rigging.

sail rigging

To the non-sailor type, standing rigging is basically all the important steel cables and fittings that are keeping your mast safely up in the air. At times, especially in bad weather, there are tremendous forces exerted on the mast and associated components.There could be an easy 20K price tag for all of the items mentioned above. So that boat goes to survey and sea trail today and we hope it goes well for the prospective buyers. But here is an important rule to remember, just like there are more fish in the sea…there are lots more boats in the ocean as well. We looked at a few boats in Mazatlan during vacation. I think Courtney will be posting the info on that very soon. I have travel plans to look at two more B44’s in the next few weeks.

On the downsizing front, I spent all day Monday ridding myself of many things in the garage that I have been carting around for far too long. It was very liberating to thin out my worldly belongings once again. I also have multiple items for sale on CL and eBay! It is a little overwhelming to think that we need to be rid of nearly all this junk by the end of May, as that is when we now plan to have the house sold and vacated.

Other than that, I am on the road/in the air, right now. Turkey day is tomorrow and I will be home in the afternoon for that, which will be quite nice. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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