Month: October 2013

Happy Anniversary to my Hot Mamacita

Happy 7th (8th) Anniversary!  You are a beautiful soul!  Thank you for being wonderful.

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Affording a new lifestyle

It would appear that the only way anyone doing what we are aiming to do, must have/need A LOT of coin. As in dinero. As in sweet muhlah. As in the almighty dollar. Well, my friend, that is just not the case. Yes, money is necessary and yes you need a bit to put the plan in action. But YOU don’t have to be rich to be my girl. Oops, random Prince lyric. Since the onset of our plan to a new lifestyle, this has been the crux of our discussions. And the “how much” talk is very difficult to quantify. I think I know approximately how much we will spend on the boat and getting it ready for liveaboard status. But I really don’t know how much we should plan to spend on a month to month basis. I can only hope that a reasonable budget will develop over the course of a few months out and about. After reading numerous books and other blogs on this topic, it is evident that everyone is different. One family of four I know is getting by on $800-1000/month and I just came across a blog, where another family is averaging a monthly outflow close to $15,000! Yeah, those numbers just don’t help me out.


In the meantime, I am working TWO full time jobs.  Lemme tell ya, it ain’t easy.  While I can’t confirm that Courtney is in full conservation mode, I do believe she is trying and realizing the importance of us socking away as much as possible.  Short of the government shutting down, we should be in pretty good shape when it comes time to list our home for sale.  Oh wait, they did just shut down.  Joking aside, we do hope to do quite well on the sale of our home.   Enough to actually purchase and outfit our future floating home.  The longevity of our adventure will then hinge upon the savings we are able to squirrel away in the next 12 short months.  Thus my strong motivation of grinding out the two j-o-b’s.


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