Debt FREE…other than the mortgage!!!

As of today, the YOLO crew is debt free! I made the final payment to close out the last of my school loans this morning. I can attribute a bit of this success to Dave Ramsey, though we did not buy or follow his specific programs. About a year ago we started getting serious about our credit card debt. We never had any crazy high balances, but on occasion, they would climb up to 10K or so. In fact, I started and grew my Disc Jockey business by playing the 0% Intro APR game. We would just transfer the balances to a new card when the old card promotion was about to run out. It worked…but it may not work for everyone! Though we still use them daily, I always have them paid in full before the bill is due. We have an AMEX business card that gives us really good reasons to spend on it, such as 4% cash back on FUEL purchases. Last year, we received almost a $1000 in cash rewards for simply using this card!


It would be foolish to say that the home mortgage is NOT a debt, as it most certainly is. But, we plan on listing the house for sale in December, which will truly free us of the evil bank enterprises and their dollar sucking interest rates. When the time comes, this will warrant another post, with even more excitement behind it. Because, once the house sells, we will have sufficient dinero to get real serious about our boat shopping.

Moving forward, we truly hope to avoid any future needs for bank financing. Want something + have money = OK to buy. Want something + don’t got no money = You’re S.O.L.

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One thought on “Debt FREE…other than the mortgage!!!

  1. Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff

    Congrats on paying off the debt. This is a big first step to living a better life and building a sailing kitty. We are big believers and living examples of a debt free lifestyle. We made reference to it on our site:

    We were able to retire before we turned 50 but opted to keep working a little longer to have a larger slush fund. “The Millionaire Next Door” was a monster best seller. So many people read the book but lacked the discipline to live the lifestyle. Once you have saved the money, you will find it is even harder to spend it. This is because you have found out how hard it is to save it in the first place.

    Many people ask how much cruising cost. The real answer is not what it cost but how much you’re willing to live without.

    Congrats again !!
    Mark and Cindy


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