Motivation and committing to “the plan”

Since the inception of this life afloat sabbatical concept, I haven’t been fully convinced that Courtney was fully on board (pun intended). And it is quite possible that she still isn’t.   With that being said, I woke up after a brief 5 hours or so of sleep, to her going through the kids toys this morning. She was separating them into “keep” and “garage sale” piles.  Wow…this is good. Then she proceeds to go through closets and other places where we stockpile all of our earthly goods, that at one time we must have just had to have, but have now forgotten that we even owned. WOW…this is great!


Though we have been Craigslisting a bunch of our bigger ticket items, we now have a garage sale scheduled on the calendar. The goal of all this is obviously to declutter and simplify, which will be very necessary at the point in time when we move onto a 40ish foot boat. I will be tackling the garage and attic later this week, which should prove to be a very productive effort.

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