The journey to a new lifestyle begins now.

This is the first post of our new blog! We are currently on the hunt for our new home…a sailboat. A sailboat…WTF…right? Right. A few months back, I came across a book on Amazon called Bumfuzzle. It was a very cheap book with some solid reviews so I broke down and paid the man $1.99. It turned out to be an amazing adventure story of a young couple who sold all of their land-based “things,” quit their jobs, bought a boat and sailed off into the sunset. They now have two kids and are still living/crusing on a boat. I was then compelled to read the author’s second book, Living on the Margin which ultimately sealed the deal for me.

After some gentle coercing of CoCo…we have decided to do just the same and leave behind this crazy life of materialism and consumption, at least for a year or two. We are now shooting for a departure date of 11-1-14, give or take a few days/weeks.

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